Step 1

Ensure your shoelace is inserted from the outside of your shoe and making sure the "V clip" of the Lace Brace™ is pointing upward, insert your shoe lace into the middle hole of the Lace Brace™.

Step 2

Loop your shoelace around the Lace Brace™ and thread it through the bottom hole drawing your shoelace through until the Lace Brace™ is flush against the inside of your shoe.

Step 3

Clip your shoelace into the top of the "V clip" and make sure the shoe fits tight but comfortably. Then remove the excess from your shoelace.

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Lace Brace™ now sold at The Footwear Warehouse in Meadowdale Value Mall(Edenvale)


“ LaceBrace are amazing!!! I play paintball on a weekly basis and I'm not exactly light on my equipment. Even through all the diving and slidding I do on the field, the LaceBrace still keeps my shoes on my feet and i can still slip them on quickly without worrying about laces. ”
Antony Gaitanelis, Double Tap Paintball Team


Dale Guild - 082 534 4032
Brett Erasmus - 083 469 7821